What we do

Dog Hair Removal

Do you have a dog or several of them? If you do then you understand how easy for your whole car to get covered in dog hair after just a couple of trips.

Luckily for you, we are very efficient at removing dog hair getting your car back in its best shape. Wanna know the best part? It's at no additional cost!

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Bad odor Removal

Cars are closed spaces which means it is very easy for them to trap bad odors. Whether that be smoke or rotten food, if it spends even a second in your car then it is likely the smell will remain.

Removing bad odors is a specialty of our Full Interior service. We have a special machine that can remove the bad odors while also killing all the bacteria!

Hand Polishing/Waxing

You just bought your favorite car and you want to keep it as shiny as possible. Does this sound familiar to you?

If it did then you are in the right place because we specialize in hand polishing and waxing. We use special safe chemicals that will keep inside and outside of your car shiny for months!

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Work/Family car cleaning

Do you use your car for work? Or do you have small children? If any of those apply to you then we understand that as the days go by it gets increasingly harder to care for your car.

Luckily for you, you've found us. At Jeanty Mobile Detailing long-term customers are people we value a lot, that is why with every job we always put our best foot forward.

Service sheet


• Basic Interior & Basic Exterior - $100 (+$25 Trucks - SUV)
• Basic Interior & Full Exterior - $200 (+$50 Trucks - SUV)
• Full Interior & Basic Exterior - $180 (+$40 Trucks - SUV)
• Full Interior & Full Exterior - $270 (+$30 Trucks - SUV)

Best Value

Full Interior

• Vacuum every inch of car
• Air compressing the carpets
• Seat & carpet Shampoo
• High temp steam extraction for heavy stains
• Leather conditioning
• Dusting
• Headliner & glass cleaning.
• Odor removal
• Pet hair removal

Only $140 (+$25 Trucks - SUV)

full Exterior

• Hand wash & dry, including doorjambs
• Wheels & tire clean with shine
• Clay bar treatment
• 1 stage compounding & polishing paint with DA polisher
• Paint sealant to lock in shine
• Glass & lights treatment
• Metal contaminants removal
• Small scratch removal

Only $145 (+$35 Trucks - SUV)

Basic Interior

• Vacuum
• Air compressing the carpets
• High temp steam extraction for heavy stains
• Leather conditioning
• Glass cleaning

Only $80 (+$15 Trucks - SUV)

Basic Exterior

• Hand wash & dry including doorjambs
• Spray wax
• Wheels & tire clean with shine.
• Glass cleaning
• Bug removal

Only $85 (+$10 Trucks - SUV)

Custom Services

If you need any custom services, you can contact us using any method above and we will give you a live quote.